The Naming of the Brew

(Apologies to Shakespeare)

A couple of days ago I decided that the gravity measurements and lack of bubbling indicated the complete fermentation of the beers. As the bottling of the last batch was quite a time consuming affair, I had ordered two, shall we say, bigger metal bottles. A quick trip to Syphon got me a new fridge, so the beers are maturing in a nice cool environment out in the shed. Carbonation is not added via secondary fermentation this time. After slightly disappointing results with my last IPA (and as an added little FU to the Reinheitsgebot) I will be force-carbonising those. Right now, they’re hanging on the CO2-bottle at 0.8 bar. Combined with the 4°C-maturing temperature, that should produce carbonation on the high side, but nicely refreshing for summer.

As I mentioned, I have started naming my beers, one reason being that I need a way to recreate recipes, and something a little more evocative than “IPA Nr. 44” doesn’t hurt. Another reason is of course that it allows me to introduce some horrible puns… So, to toast the beginning of summer this year, we shall be drinking Amberosia and AnticIPAtion. The only challenge now being not to take too many quality assurance samples – both beers are already very drinkable if I say so myself, but knowing me I’ll have to make sure every now and then…



3 May 2014

Amber Ale2
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