The Week In Spam

There were no interesting trends or patterns in my spam-mailboxes this week, so I had to go dig through the archives.

We interrupt this post briefly to counter any possible interjections of “Who the ever loving intercourse keeps archives of their spam?”. I do. We will continue after the brief feeling of puzzlement has passed.

So, some selected spam from… let’s see… 2010ish:

We have several interesting specimens of Saginatio here: After starting off with what could be described as a self-referential spam message, there’s three or four of the “We’ll make you curious if we actually have information on you”-messages as well as a dodgy translation into German. “Brandkopie” sounds interesting – a burned copy of a watch… probably what happens to that copy when you try to get it across the Swiss border.

Next, we have one spammer trying to make the subject line appear as one word by replacing all his spaces with less-than signs. I am flattered that he thinks I look better than Brad “that really your photo”.

Finally, a couple of attempts to throw off Bayesian filters - the ones with the weird grammar. There’s poetry in them there spams! I find them hilarious. I really must try to include “Are go as brick”, “I do on pockets” and “My body is now programmed to Sleep for 7 Hrs Strictly really easy and tasty” into everyday conversations more often. Have uncle Frank.

What I do find remarkable is that somebody actually got “thou shalt” right in the last subject. Almost made me check what was in the message. Almost.


11 March 2014

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