Here? Where's here?

Today, on my day off of all days, must be “Let’s make Ades day surreal”-day. I’m currently sitting in a cafe in Geneva, and have just decided to look at a map to see where in France I could stock up on French supplies. My Laptop seems to have “HERE Maps” installed, which I have apparently never used. When I opened it, it requested to use my “exact location”. Not just my location, my exact location. Fine — go ahead.

So, apparently I’m sitting right outside Buckingham Palace. Funny that, I did think I just saw The Queen board a transports publics genevois tram.

So, screenshot, blog… and then my screenshot software asks me where I want to save my screenshot of “Microsoft Solitaire Collection”. What the… I didn’t even know that existed.

Anyway, better make my way to Heathrow, I fear my parking charges in Geneva will be through the roof once I get back there.


20 July 2016

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